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Tobias is a rainbow creature. He thinks he's heavily built, but he's actually quite small, as shown in The Pressure when he couldn't even cut his skin with a stick. He's obsessed with sports and is always trying to find new ways to hone his physique. He can also be somewhat of a bully, as shown in The Quest , where he throws around Anais 's stuffed animal, eventually dropping it out of the moving bus. He is also greedy as shown in The Third , where he charges Gumball and Darwin twenty dollars for his friendship.




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Stuff about TobiasEdit

  • Tobias is rich, so it is unknown why he would have people pay for friendship, unless he is greedy.
  • He may be related to Masami because they have stuff that are puffy but he has colors meaning he might be the son of a worker for The Rainbow Factory.
  • It's possible that he and his sister are multicolored because their headbands cut off circulation.
  • He is a child character in the series who is voiced by an adult.
  • His name and Rachel's are likely an allusion to two of the characters from the Animorphs series.
  • The upper part of Tobias' head, which sticks out of the headband he wears, is shaped like a four leaf clover.
  • Wearing the headbad may be a family tradition, as Tobias has one, Rachel has one, and their mother has one.
  • Tobias could be a colorful cloud or a living blob of cotton candy. However, it is more likely that he is a cloud, not cotton candy.
  • Tobias placed 10th in the Dumb Race.