Anton is a crumbly, burnt piece of toast who first appeared in The End . He was drafted into Tina 's gang against his will.

Anton is a small piece of toast. The dark spots on him indicate he was burned somehow. He wears white gloves on his skinny, black arms. He also wears little red shoes


Anton seems to be a bit of a pushover. Most of his appearances have ended with him getting hurt - getting squished by Tina , getting hit in the face with a banana, getting swarmed by birds, having his sandwich stolen by Carrie , and getting eaten by ducks in The Dumb Race. Furthermore, every line he has spoken has been meek or unconfident, as if he's always scared.

Anton was forced into Tina 's gang, which implies that he (against his will) joins them in their bullying. This has yet to be referenced in an episode.