Tina' is the school bully of Elmore Junior High . She is a giant T-Rex and she doesn't like Gumball  and Darwin very much, so she often bullies them. She lives in the city dump and sleeps on top of a garbage pile. She has also never owned a toy before. She appeared in The Third in a cameo, but her first speaking role was in The Dress when she asked Gumball (while he was in a dress) "who are you?". Tina has attempted to eat Gumball twice so far. The first try was in The Quest , and then again in The Mystery . In The Quest she actually tried to eat Gumball , Anais , and Darwin . Tina is seen to have a sensitive side (as most bullies do) as shown in The Quest . She participated in the chase for Gumball in The Mystery.Her father is known to eat any trespassers, but it is unknown if Tina's mother is going to star in the series. Jamie is Tina's sidekick who loves to bug others. Anton , the piece of toast, was forced in her gang against his will.

Because of her massive size, she has a very, very deep man-like voice, which sorta sounds like growling and groaning. Despite the facts that she visibly dislikes him, she shortly dates Gumball in The Party in order to get into a party. She may have feelings for Hector, for she accepted to dance with him in the next dance in The Party and even told him that he could have the current dance (although, she may just hate dancing with Gumball enough that she'd dance with anyone else). Tina is animated in CGI and is voiced by Dan Russell.