Gumball and Darwin befriend their classmate Clayton, who is a compulsive liar. Template:Spoilerstart The episode starts off with Gumball and Darwin yelling and panicking. Miss Simian is banging on the restroom door. Gumball and Darwin continue screaming, until Darwin asks why. Gumball simply replies that showering with other people is disgusting. Clayton appears and suggests that the boys wet their hair and say they took a shower. When Clayton gets on the sink and wets his head, the sink falls off and the water pipe starts spraying water. Clayton tells the boys to give them their towels in order to block the pipe, but they refuse. Clayton puts his mouth over the pipe, which fills his mouth with water. Clayton goes flying all over the boy's shower room and causes lots of destruction. Somehow, the room bursts into flames as well.

In the principal's office, Principal Brown demands an explanation. Gumball tries to explain what happened, but he is interrupted by Clayton who says they caught a guy trying to steal from the lockers. He lies about them fighting and damaging the room, and about Gumball and Darwin coming out of the shower to come to his rescue. However, Miss Simian asks them about the guy's appearance. Gumball lies as well, and claims the perpetrator had a big skull. Principal Brown shows Gumball a drawing he drew up about the description Gumball gave, but it's only a sketch of a sailboat. Principal Brown explains he was never good at drawing faces, and commends the boys. He then tells them to leave his office and put on some clothes.

Outside the office, Clayton says, "Good job team!", but Darwin suggests that Clayton is a bad influence for lying about the bathroom incident. Gumball says that they shouldn't see each other again. Clayton claims he only lied because he thought of them as friends, then asks Gumball if they really are friends. Gumball agrees, but only if Clayton stops lying. Clayton responds with a "scout's honor!", causing Gumball to point out that he was never a scout. Despite this, Gumball gives him another chance.