gumball and darwin are trapped in the bathroom,thinking it is the end gumball conffes that he put that strange picture in darwin's yearbook then is about then darwin is about to tell gumball his secret but then rocky opens the bathroom because he thinks it is haunted by scraming girls.(or banshees)so on the way back gumball asks darwin to tell him his secret but he said "That isn't important anymore"then later darwin and gumball are playing their video game "wrestling" then gumball is tapping his buttons like crazy fast thinking about the secret when gumballs rat character wins he uses his final move to finish him off then later gumball makes darwin a meal and fills it with spice and darwin burns up gumball then makes his move by finding ways to stop the water until out of guilt he gives darwin the last glass of water then darwin explains that if they were in situation like that he would tell him so gumball locks them in the bathroom and darwin confesses the secret which was like this and i quote darwin:remember when you made me that sandwich and i said it was great/gumball:yea yea/darwin:well it was so then they argue for a bit untill they noticethat they are trapped again but rocky is busy mopping the flo::or and can't hear them because he is wearing headphones studying something so darwin suggest they go through the toilet unfortounantly they end up bottled revealing that the water we drink comes from the sewer so the guy tells them this sewer guy:go back the way you came but this time take a left on the school pipe. so they do as said when richard got off the toilet gumball and darwin popped up richard asked if he ate them they said no richard said good then anais says/anais:where's gumball/darwin:taking a shower/anais:did you tell him the secret/darwin:no he must never know we accidentally uploaded that clip/both gigiggle.plays video of gumball dancing and breaking h