Bobert then shrinks back down to his normal size and prepares to face off against Gumball. They lunge at each other, Gumball attempts to karate-chop Bobert in the head, but since he's made of metal, Gumball only recoils his hand in pain. Feeling brave, he then taunts Bobert into hitting him. Bobert obliges, and Gumball flies across the yard from the force of his blow. Bobert walks up to Gumball, preparing to finish him off. Gumball, too weak to do anything, prays for "something insignificant" to save him. Darwin answers his call, and runs up to Bobert with a shovel, but Bobert just punches him away. Gumball then prays for "something else insignificant" to save him. Suddenly, the sprinklers turn on and Bobert's electricity gets shorted out. Gumball gets up and prepares to reboot Bobert, but Bobert gets up first and pleads Gumball not to do it, saying the two of them can do "great things" together. Gumball flatly declines and reboots Bobert.

As soon as Bobert is rebooted, Darwin, who's face is swelled from Bobert punching him in the face, returns. He seemingly does not remember anything about the fight with Gumball, and then randomly hugs the two of them. As Gumball and Darwin walk off, Bobert expresses his intent to try stealing an identity again. Darwin peaks back, wondering what he said, but Bobert shrugs it off. The episode ends with Bobert's eye turning red again and playing a recording of Darwin's voice, implying he will steal Darwin's identity.


  • This is the second time the Dodge or Dare motto was interrupted: "It's time to play Dodge or Dare! Just roll the dice, pick a--".
  • This is the third time Bobert has been shut down.
  • ==Quotes==
  • Darwin: Which one is the real Gumball?!Gumball: The one that's obviously not a robot!

Darwin: Okay! [Darwin hits the real Gumball with a shovel]

Gumball: There's only room in this town for one Gumball!

Tobias: Way to go, Robo-Dork.

Alan: Hey, take it easy!

Tobias: Why? It's not like you can hurt his feelings. He's a not a real boy.

Banana Joe: (After the rest leave) I'm a banana!