Plot== It starts at Elmore Junior High School and its Tobias party and everyone is asking if their invited. Rachel says that the the is for big children and not old babies. Tobias tuts at Rachel and said "Rachel, Rachel, Rachel".Rachel invites everyone, but they have to bring a date! Darwin tells Gumball to go with [[P

enny]], but Gumball said "I just like Penny as a friend" Gumball' s eyes were shaped as love hearts because he had allergies. He asked Masami who was talking to teri, to the party, but Masami got really angry and shocked Gu

mball. Straightaway, she asked Teri and Teri slapped Gumball a

cross the face, but it didn't hurt him.Sussie wal

ked past Gumball and said he is

Sussie's date for the party. At Gumball's house, Gumball said that Penny is hot

and not his type. On Gumball's plate was a picture of Penny inside a love heart. Anais gave Gumball a phone to call someone for a date. He said I have a stupid name a stupid house and my favourite colour is stupid. On the way to the party, Gumball was dating Tina and her head was sticking out of the window. They got to the place and Penny was dating Hector. Miss Simian was hidi

ng inthe bushes with Principal Brown, spying on the guests. Miss Simian knocked down the door and made Juke play rock music and threw Miss Simian up in the air. Outside, Rachel was crying. Then Darwin came and asked her " Why are you crying?" and Darwin said he could tidy up all the mess. In the house [[Teri and Juke were sleeping, Banana Joe and Idaho who was

half bitten, were dancing and Gumball, Tina, Penny and Hector were dancing. Penny asked "how is your dance going?" Gumball said great and Penny said Hector isn't really her type.Penny asked about the note from school, but Gumball didn't understand.After the party, Darwin started cleaning Rachel's house.After cleaning Rachel's house ,Rachel said that he is the best boy ever! then Rachel kissed Darwin on the nose and Darwin turned upside-down. then Gumball and Penny was about to kiss until, Richard kept honking and Gumball had to pull Darwin to the car and then they went home. At the end Rachel's parents came home and Principal Brown and Miss Simian nearly kissed in a closet.


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