Template:Spoilerstart The episode begins with Gumball rushing his family to get the house cleaned up for Penny's arrival. As Richard is taking a shower, Gumball notices that his breath is bad, throwing his father out and cleaning his mouth with a bar of soap as they are out of toothpaste.

Meanwhile, Penny and her father are driving to the Watterson's home. On the way, Mr. Fitzgerald asks of his daughter's decision of doing her Medieval project with Gumball, suspicious of him and the neighborhood, to which she still says yes. As they pass the Watterson's, they see Anais falling off of a ladder, Richard completely nude and giving himself a shower with a hose outside, Nicole covered in garbage bags, Darwin with a tray of badly burnt cookies, and Gumball hurrying to greet them with a mouth full of green soap suds. Mr. Fitzgerald quickly drives away to her daughter's contempt, while Gumball runs after them until he collapses.