The episode begins with Richard, Anais, and Gumball sitting on the couch watching television. Anais notices that her brother smells odd and is covered in cheese, so she asks him about it. Gumball then tells her all about his fun day with Tina, where she held him upside-down in order to take his lunch money, tore his homework to shreds, and shoved his face into his lunch.

Anais tells Gumball that he is being bullied, so she calls Tina and threatens her to quit picking on him. However, Tina misunderstands her and believes that she is challenging Gumball to fight her, so she schedules a fight between her and Gumball after school the next day. Gumball is horrified at the thought, so Richard decides to take him out back and share an old fighting technique of his with him; The Bunny Hop.