Template:Spoilerstart The episode begins with the Wattersons sitting at the dining room table. Richard had just finished telling his family a story about why you shouldn't mix Pop Rocks and soda. Nicole asks if any of the other family members want to share anything (besides Richard) so Gumball tells everyone about him planning on going on a date with his love interest, Penny. Nicole is ecstatic and attempts to hug her son and with some effort manages to do so. Darwin admits to his brother that he's impressed by Gumball's confidence, because if he messes up this "date", Penny might not ever talk to him again.

This realization makes Gumball nervous, but Nicole reassures him that as long as he is himself, then the date will turn out just fine. Nicole leaves for work, and after she's gone Richard chuckles to himself, causing Gumball to become curious and ask why. He informs his son that women only think they want someone because they don't know how bad they really are, and that it is better to think of someone very successful and be like them. Anais sides with her father, saying that Gumball is somewhat of a loser. Gumball is saddened by this since he really wants Penny to like him. Darwin suggests that Gumball could buy Penny some presents for the date, but he does not have any money. Richard decides to show Gumball how to get things without paying for them.