Template:Spoilerstart The episode begins with Gumball and Darwin playing a game on the playground. Gumball gives Darwin a couple of tasks to complete, but he fails all of them. Darwin does not want to be his brother's slave for a day, so in a fit of desperation, he attempts to jump through his own leg. Soon after, Bobert walks up to them and asks them if he can play the betting game. Gumball obliges, but asks Bobert a trick question, causing him to lose the bet.

Because of this, Bobert switches to command mode and therefore becomes Gumball's slave for a day. Instead of using him to solve global crisises, Gumball uses Bobert to create a series humiliating pranks. Principal Brown then notices that Gumball pranked Bobert into breaking medical equipment and assigns them work to do. Angered by this, Gumball says that he wishes Principal Brown would get lost. Bobert, over-hearing Gumball's desire, expels Principal Brown to the woods.