185px-Tina's Dad

nichole and tina's dad.


Mr. Rex is also a T-Rex, just like Tina . He was never seen or mentioned until the episode The Quest . Only his feet appear in the episode, but he appears to be a real T-Rex not an anthromorphic one because he is roaring exactly like a T-Rex would've done. He is much larger than Tina and appears to have the same colour on his skin as Tina does, although this may be because he was seen during the night, as darkness could have covered his skin cover. Like Hector , the audience only gets to see his feet due to his size.He is also seen in the episode"the fight".


Tina's Dad isn't very friendly and is very protective of his home, as he is known to eat tresspassers. He has a terrifying roar, which makes him very intimidating.