Miss Simian
Character Information
Miss Simian is Gumball 's sadistic teacher, who has been teaching seventh grade for years. She utterly despises Gumball and does whatever she can to foil his plans. Principal Brown is hopelessly in love with her, and she gladly returns the feeling.


Miss Simian is a very, very old baboon. She has dark grey fur, and a homely primate face. She usually wears a pale brownish-red and yellow polka-dotted dress. Her body shape is similar to that of a baboon standing upright, her knuckles dangle very low to the floor, and she is very skinny. Her voice is raspy and cold, and she intimidates most of her students with her grumpy and uncaring attitude.


Miss Simian acts very grumpy and doesn't seem to care about her students in the least, especially Gumball , whom she hates with a passion. She is a vicious and sadistic woman, who takes great pleasure in giving out pop quizzes and outright lying to her students just so she doesn't get in trouble. Her nasty attitude is somewhat justified by the fact that she's been a teacher.


  • Miss Simian has a ape like Posture
  • Miss simian has 5 toes on her foot.
  • Miss Simian has a very croaky voice.
  • Miss Simian's love interest is Principal Brown
  • A Simian is an adjective for Gorrila or monkey, that's where they got the name "Simian" from.