Character Information

Juke is a student that was transferred to Elmore from another country. No one even understands what he is saying because he only speaks in beatbox as shown in The Quest when Gumball did not understand a single word Juke said. After Leslie  gave him Daizy, he must not have wanted it so he put it on the bench that Hector sat on. He is animated in "SquiggleVision," as used in Stickin' Around, Ed, Edd n Eddy, Dr. Katz, Science Court, first season of Home Movies and WordGirl (rarely).Juke is a student who is transferred from Elmore from an unknown country. His parents are currently unseen and are not mentioned. His head looks like a boom box, hence why he speaks mainly in rap. His only clearly heard speaking appearance so far was in The Quest . It is also shown in The Quest that Juke mainly translates his rap by making signs with his hands (e.g. He tries to show Gumball where Daizy is, but Gumball doesn't understand him, so Juke points to the bench). Juke might be friends with Leslie because he gave Juke Daizy after he found the toy on the street. According to James Lamont's formspring, Juke is a stereo-headed kid.