Character Information
Idaho is a Little potato from the countryside who follows old fashioned beliefs and manners. His first appearance was in The Dress , where he thinks of the word "potato" when Darwin was thinking of something to compare love to. He was also seen in The Pressure when Gumball took his ice cream to cool himself off. In The Mystery , Tobias threw him at Gumball during the chase scene in the library. He is voiced by Freddy Highmore. He also was seen in The Gi laughing with Banana Joe .

Apperance Edit

Idaho is a small potato with a face, arms, and legs, all drawn in black. He doesn't seem to be very bright. For example, when Darwin was trying to think of something to compare love to, he immediately thinks of a potato. He also speaks with a midwestern accent. Idaho is also the smallest character in The Amazing World of Gumball, as when he was shown in The Third, when he got squished by Tina . He was noticably smaller than Anton and Ocho , two other tiny characters. So far, Idaho's only speaking lines were in The Dress , The Party and The Goons.