Hector The Giant
Character Information


Hector, being a giant, is extremely tall; so tall in fact that whenever he's shown, the viewer can rarely see above his legs. A thick coat of nappy, multi-coloured fur covers most of his visible body, excluding his feet, hands and buttocks.


Hector, despite his gargantuan size, is a very kind and gentle giant. He never intentionally harms anyone, for this would be out of character, but he has on occasion been known to unwittingly squash things. As seen in The Party he may have romantic feelings towards Tina Rex, since he decided to dump his date in for her.

Episode AppearancesEdit

The Third: Hector appears very briefly in the background for a split-second. The Quest: Hector accidentally sits on Anais' Daisy the Donkey doll. The Kiss: Hector was one of the challenges in Darwin's plan to make Gumball forget about the kiss from granny jojo The Party: Hector accompanies Penny to the party. Later, he dumps her and instead spends the rest of the party with Tina. The Club: he appears in a club with Banana Joe and Tobias.