Template:Spoilerstart It's Christmas Eve, and all the citizens of Elmore are in a festive mood. Many characters wish the viewers a merry Christmas, including the Wattersons, who are driving home in their car. Their high spirits are abruptly brought down, however, when they crash into someone. This "someone" turns out to be a filthy bum that looks strikingly similar to Santa Claus, at least in Richard's opinion.

They rush the stranger to the hospital, with Richard voicing his worry about being on the naughty list this year. He decides to make up for by running around the hospital doing several of what he considers good deeds, but are really him making a huge mess. Richard, being completely unqualified for even the simplest first aid procedures, causes much more harm than good. After blowing up a senior citizen, the doctor finally gives Richard his diagnosis of the situation: the bum is obviously not Santa, has no ID, has lost his memories, and must be taken care of by the man who ran him over. Nicole fiercely objects to having a filthy homeless man in her house on Christmas Eve, but the kids, who believe this man to be Santa, beg their mother to reconsider. She relents, and allows the stranger to come home with her.