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Anais Tiffany Watterson
Character Information
Gender: Female
Species: Rabbit
Age: 6
Relatives: Gumball Watterson [brother] , Darwin Watterson [brother ], Richard Watterson [father], Nicole Watterson [mother], Granny Jojo [grandmother]
Occupation: Student
First Appearance: The Responsible
Voice: Kyla Rae Kowalewski

Anais is the youngest child of the Watterson family. She is very intelligent and despite being six years old, attends Elmore Junior High with her older brother. She does Gumball 's homework and cooks meals for him. Despite being very mature, Anais can also be very bossy and naggy. She always corrects her brothers' mistakes and attempts to warn them when something goes wrong, but Gumball almost never listens, even if Anais is always right.

Relationships (Friends)Edit

Random hinted thingsEdit

  • In "The Responsible " it is revealed that Anais helps Gumball and Darwin with their homework, and she also makes Gumball 's and Darwin 's breakfast every morning.
  • She was seen laughing in "The Third ", but is barely heard. Some believe she wasn't heard at all, probably because Richard 's voice is too loud when he laughs and/or shouts. She can be heard laughing clearly in "The End ."
  • In some preview pictures, she has whiskers like the rest of her family, but in the show, she doesn't. This was likely a late change that the creators made for an unknown reason, possibly to make her look younger or cuter.
  • She also has a doll named Daizy until the end of The Quest , but for some reason she still had Daizy in The Refund . This may be because the US is airing them out of production order.
  • There seems to be a inconsistent way of pronouncing 'Anais.' Most of the time, which really mean just barely over the vica versa her name is pronounced 'An-ni-ese,' but on two or possibly more occasions most noticeably in the The Dress , when Darwin (when celebrating he's in love) say Anais in the more
  • proper sense, 'An-ni-is'. The probably wrong way of saying does actually read to be the more appropriate version of a name spelled Anais.
  • Anais is very angry, and is short tempered like her mother.
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