Alligators on a Train
is a movie in The Amazing World of Gumball that appeared in The DVD . Nicole rented
the movie from Laser Video before. In The DVD , when Gumball unintentionally used the wrong side of the sponge to clean the CD, he panicked and tossed it into the air and into the sink's garbage disposal and got it shredded into pieces. With the DVD destroyed, Gumball and Darwin had to make a fake video of Alligators on a Train in order to save their butts, which lasted five seconds and more suprisingly - every name in the credits is one of them.

Random funny things
180px-Alligators On a Train

  • Apparently, Gumball has watched "Alligators on a Train" 72 times already.
    185px-Darwin Beating Up Cardboard Alligator
  • "Alligators on a Train" seems to be a reference to (or a parody of) "Snakes on a Plane" and "Snakes on a Train".


  • 185px-Make-Out Scene
    (Darwin hold a cardboard written Alligators on a Train, made up music in the background.
  • Gumball:Alligators on a Train!
  • (Scence changes to Darwin with a moustache)
  • Darwin: Oh No! There's alligators on this tarin
  • (Darwin beats up the cardboard)
  • Darwin: Thank goodnes, We got all the Alligatord off this Train!
  • Gumball: (Using a slightly high-pitched voice) Thank you so much for saving us from all the alligators on this train!
  • Gumball and darwin makes a make-out scene