Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: Alan Caspian Poisedon IX
Species: Balloon
Age: 17
Friends: Carmen, Banan Joe, William, Darwin Watterson,Penny, Tobias [ME]]
Enemies: Gumball Watterson
Relatives: Jessica (Mother)

Dexter (Father) Phil (Papa) Laura (Nini)

Occupation: Student Balloonoid
First Appearance: The Hut 17 Club
Voice: Rupert Degas

Alan is a Teal Balloon

When He Is 20 He Wanna Have a Wedding WIth Carmen The Cactus A Friendly Spectator Balloon And He Has A Crush On Carmen The Cactus And A Non-Existing Seeing Face Of Alan Kean

Trivias of Friends

  • A High Pitched Balloon Has A Tooting Backside & The String inside It
  • He Sounds Like A girl
  • He Has No Hands (He Can't Spin The Wheel, Roll The Dice, Moving His Character & Calling On The Phone)