Write the text of your The Abandoning Song (also known as No more GI and The GI song) is a song sung by Gumball and Darwin in The GI . to express their depressed emotions after being forced to give up their dreams of becoming a martial arts master. It is a some-what depressing song. It is one of the few songs to be sung in The Amazing World of Gumball .


Gumball : Life's about abandoning dream after dream.

Darwin : Hopes and expectations float way downstream.

Gumball : It's time to kiss our childish ways goodbye.

Darwin : Grow up, give mediocrity a try?

Gumball : The games, they have to stop!

Darwin : No more "hi-ya"... ("ya" held for five seconds)

Gumball : Not even a karate chop!

Both:Face up to what maturity means.

And forget about our martial arts dreams (dreams held for the rest of the song).